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Les Vins Rouges

Côtes du Rhône

Medium-bodied, rich, dark red with appealing aromas of peppery spice & soft warm summer berries (750ml) £12.00


Marquis de Rothberg Bordeaux

A brilliant ruby colour with a fruity bouquet and a touch of vanilla aroma (750ml) £14.00


Rioja “Reserva”

An exceptionally smooth wine with hints of spicy oak and flavours of warm cinnamon, cigar box and ripe red fruit (750ml) £18.00


Chateauneuf du Pape

Full bodied, spicy wine with powerful aromas enhanced by a period of ageing in oak barrels (750ml) £22.50

Les Vins Blancs


A sweet fortified wine, which exudes aromas of fresh fruits (mango and lychee). It is a lively, rich and fresh wine. Great with a starter or as an aperitif. (500ml) £10.50



Naturally crispy with wonderfuly fresh aromas (750ml) £12.50


Pinot Grigio

Dry white wine, perfect as an aperitif, with a starter or a pasta dish (750ml) £14.00

Les Bières

Peroni (330ml) £3.00

San Miguel (330ml) £2.75

Kronenbourg 1664 (275ml) £2.50

Fursty Ferret (500ml) £3.50

Golden Champion (500ml) £3.50

Lancaster Bomber (500ml) £3.50

Golden Glory (500ml) £3.50

Wainwright Ale (500ml) £3.50

Hobgoblin (500ml) £3.50

Les Cidres

Kingston Press (500ml) £3.50

Wyld Wood Organic (500ml) £3.50

Magners Pear (500ml) £3.50

Brothers Toffee Apple (500ml) £3.50

Les Vins Rosés

Côtes de Provence

A medium dry rosé with pronounced aromas of red fruit with a flowery taste (750ml) £13.50

Les Carafes

House Red

(250ml) £3.75, (500ml) £7.00, (1ltr) £13.50


House Rosé

(250ml) £3.75, (500ml) £7.00, (1ltr) £13.50


House Dry White

(250ml) £3.75, (500ml) £7.00, (1ltr) £13.50


House Medium White

(250ml) £3.75, (500ml) £7.00, (1ltr) £13.50

Les Vins Pétillants


(750ml) £15.00


Sparkling Rosé

(750ml) £15.00

Les Alcools Forts

(25ml) £2.50, (50ml) £4.00

Corvoisier Cognac
Jack Daniels
Sailor Jerry Rum
Absolut Vodka
Grand Marnier
Bombay Sapphire Gin

Les Boissous Froides

Sparkling Water (still or sparkling) (330ml) £1.50

Coca Cola, Diet Coke (330ml) £1.95

Orangina (330ml) £1.95

Assorted J20 (275ml) £1.95

Schweppes Tonic, Soda Water (200ml) £1.50

Canada Dry (200ml) £1.50

Schweppes Orange Juice (200ml) £1.50

Sprite (330ml) £1.95

Dr Pepper (500ml) £1.95

Orange or Apple Juice (250ml) £1.50, (500ml) £2.75